Trail Info

All access roads are classified as class 1 trails.  All have views of the higher level trails, and will provide a good days ride.

Many trails have yet to be named or rated


Booze Cruise

Level 2
 1 mile long natural trail with a few man made obstacles.  This trail is a good way to
take a break from the extreme trails, and is good for beginners.  There are multiple areas to stop and watch other vehicles,
eat lunch, and hang out.

Still Hill
 Level 4
 trail with mud,  ditches, and rocks, culminating in a long steep hill climb.

Level 4
Long trail that turns up and down the mountain,  filled with difficult rock gardens, steep ledges, and sharp off-camber turns.

Loop Springs
Level 4

Rough trail,  crossings two springs with rock obstacles and steep off camber climb
and decent.

Los Primos
Level 4/5

Canyon trail running up the entire mountain, with rock obstacles, wash outs, and nasty
double ledge (with bypass).

The Punisher
Level 5

extreme obstacle ending at a 7 foot vertical rock shelf

The Gauntlet

Level 4

Wide rockgarden trail with huge rocks and "tank traps".  This trail tests your crawling abilities.

Level 3-4
Uphill rock garden combined with rock ledges

Turner Over
Level 4

Narrow rock crawl through tight forest.

Level 4

Bowl obstacle with V-notch exit

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly
 Level  3, 4, & 5+
Multiple line rock ledge obstacle

The Mud Pits
Level depends on weather

Large open field with light to deep mud and two straight
lanes for racing.

Hornets Nest
Level 4

Water fall stair steps culminating into large rock formation.

Hammer Down
Level 5

 Steep hill climb with rock ledges.

Rock Garden
Level 3

 Natural rock formations.

Crows Nest
 Level 4
Large Steep, Slick rock shelf.

Scenic Overlook
Level 5
Series of rock gardens and ledges up the steep side of the mountain.

Level 2
 Trail with gulleis, washouts and berms.

Step Stool
 Level 3
 Stair step rock obstacle.

Lunch Box
 Level 5
 Tank trap style obstacles.

 Level 3
 Hillclimb with washouts and man made obstacles.

Sunday Drive
 Level 1
 Trail that follows a creek through the valley