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Park Rates
Standard rates apply to the park except during special events held by large groups or sponsors.

MMORV is open almost every weekend.  You must call before planning a trip to the park!  Contact information here

Standard daily rate -    $20.00 per day per vehicle
Weekend rate -           $30.00 per weekend per vehicle

There is currently no charge for passengers.

If  you have a club the park can be rented for a flat fee or special pricing may be available per vehicle for groups of 20 vehicles or more.  Please contact Randy or Kris for more information on group rates.

Varying rates may apply to special events such as charity rides, or if  a club rents the park and charges members to raise money.

All fees are due at sign in for open rides.

Groups wishing to rent the entire park need to register in advance to reserve the park.  A deposit is required 1 week in advance to reserve the park.

Yearly memberships are also available for a once a year fee of $200.  Members can RSVP by calling ahead to ride any regularly open day.  Members also receive additional benefits.  

Membership Details:






Become a member of Morris Mountain Off Road Park and enjoy many extra benefits while saving money.  You can even earn credit toward your next membership dues by signing up new members and other periodic incentive programs.

To join you must be at least 18 and have a valid drivers license.  Download the application form and bring the completed form to MMORV along with the required dues.  You will have to sign the standard waiver to be eligible to enter the park.  Once you have joined you will be issued a membership card.  Present the card at the gate for entry.

*  Subject to park closing due to trail work etc.  Call before you plan to ride, if no event has been scheduled.  The park is open most weekends.

PDF Membership Application here.

MMORV has primitive camping facilities to accommodate guests who are on a weekend long trip.

All guests are responsible for their own camping needs and supplies.  There are local stores that can provide drinks, food etc., but you need your own tent bedding etc.

Please keep fire in the designated fire pits, pack all garbage up when you are done, and respect other campers who may be sleeping after 10:00 pm..

Showers and Bathrooms are now available at the park.


Vehicle Requirements

Vehicles must pass inspection to verify the following.

All Vehicles

1.  Functional seatbelts for all occupants.  (Must be worn at all times.)
2. Hardtop or functional roll bar that covers all occupants.
3.  Battery tie down.  No bungee cords.
4.  Tow hooks, d-rings, or other point of attachment for recovery.
5.  Spare tire and jack
6.  Functioning taillights.
7.  Mufflers with operating spark arrestors.
8.  Tow strap and tree saver.
9.  Fully functional brakes.
10. Charged fire extinguisher.

Suggested vehicle modifications for trail ratings.
Class 1 trails
1.  Off road tread tires.  Otherwise stock vehicle.
2.  Operational 4 wheel drive.

Class 2 Trails
1.  In addition to Class 1 modifications
2.  31" Off road tires
3.  winch.

Class 3 Trails
1.  In addition to Class 2 modifications
2.  33" Off road tires
3.  Winch
4.  At least 1 traction aiding device - locker, spool, etc.

Class 4 Trails
1.  In addition to Class 3 modifications
2.  36" Off road Tires
3.  Two traction aiding devices
4.  Full 4 point minimum roll cage

Class 5 Trails
1. In addition to Class 4 modifications
2. 39" Off road tires or larger
3.  3 point harness for all occupants